Creaks PC10 Lotus Cortina - Reading Borough Police

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This model is the Creaks PC10 Lotus Cortina in white Reading Borough Police livery. It comes packed in its original plain White cardboard box. This item comes with the Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity identifying the model as number 158 of 1000 produced.

The model has no operating parts and is based on a Corgi Classics model. At the front is a separately cast chrome grille and front bumper with number plate [RD 195]. The headlights are clear lenses set into a chromed insert. The body is white and the front doors carry the Reading Police insignia/crest. The rear bumper is also chromed with two classic Cortina rear light assemblies above it. The rear number plate [RD 195] is above the bumper.

The interior is grey plastic with a black plastic steering wheel set into the grey dashboard. All glazing is clear with the front windscreen wipers and rear vision mirror cast into the front screen.

The base plate is black painted metal. To the top centre is "Corgi", to the middle centre is "Lotus Cortina", and to the bottom centre, on two lines, is "Made In, Gt Britain". It carries a rudimentary depiction of the front and rear axles, gear box, driveshaft, differential, suspension and exhaust system. The base is fixed to the body casting by two machined rivets.

Item: 3187