Creaks AC117 Port of London Police Ambulance - Talbot

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This model is the Creaks AC117 Talbot Port of London Authority Police Ambulance (1925) in cream, Port of London Authority Police livery. It comes packed in its original straw window box. This item is based on the Yesteryear Y5 Talbot Van and comes with a Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity identifying the model as number 567 of 1000 produced. The model is also marked with this number on the base, just behind the left front wheel. The certificate states it is representative of the actual vehicle in use circa 1925 and accordingly bears the actual registration number of that vehicle [YT 743].

The model has no opening parts except for the rear doors which are so stiff on this model I have been unable to open them. The vehicle body and roof are cream, the chassis and battery boxes are black, the seats are black plastic, and the steering wheel is black. There is no glazing.

At the front the model carries a roof sign reading "Amblance" and a silver on black background numberplate [YT 743] below the chromed grille and headlights. The sides have a decal with the PoLA Ambulance sign at the front, just below the cab rear side window; and a further decal representing the rear body side windows. The rear doors are separately cast and carry a "POLICE" sign across the two door and a "20mph" decal at the top of the right door. Below the doors is the rear number plate [YT 743] flanked by two red rear lights.

The baseplate is black painted metal and carries the "Matchbox" logo and model details — "Matchbox" to the centre top, "© 1978  No. Y-5" to the centre middle, "Models of Yesteryear" in the middle centre, "1927 Talbot Van" to the bottom centre, "Made in England" on the left running board, and Lesney Products & Co, Ltd." on the right running board. It is held in place by three machined rivets.

All wheels are one piece, chromed plastic units with 12 spokes, each with a whitewall tyre.

Other Comments/Identifying Features: The model has the Certificate of Authenticity that outlines the history of the PoLA Police and states "This model depicts an ambulance in use by the Port of London Authority Police circa 1925 and bears the correct registration number from that time".

Item: 3172