Corgi GS13-C-1 Tour De France Set Peugeot 505 STi

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This model is the Corgi GS13-C-1 Peugeot 505 in white from the Tour De France Set.

The only opening parts on this model are the front side doors. The car is adorned with Tour De France and TI:RALEIGH logos. There is a yellow plastic rack fitted to the boot lid (for carrying the cycles that are missing).

The interior is red plastic with a full driver's seat but no front passenger seat and I am unable to determine whether the model was deliberately issued with only one seat or if the interior is missing something. Certainly the interior appears to have been molded to represent the lack of a front passenger seat, which may be correct as some Tour de France support vehicles were designed to allow for the maintenance of cycles while still on the move! The glazing is clear.

All wheels are of the "speed wheel" type - one piece Black plastic with a "chromed" hub.

The base plate is white painted metal and is marked with Corgi Toys followed by a smaller second line reading "Made in GT Britain" in the upper centre and "Peugeot 505 STi" in the lower centre. It is held in place with two rivets.

This GS13 set was issued in February 1981.


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