Corgi 649-A-1 James Bond Space Shuttle - Moonraker

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This model is the Corgi 649-A-1 James Bond Space Shuttle in white with black and yellow "Moonraker" labels. The shuttle carries labels on both sides of the main body, the tail, the opening hatches and the wings. The labels are intact, but very faded, on this particular model.

The car has an opening hatch on the main body. The main body, tail, wings and two opening hatch castings are white metal with the cockpit windows painted black. The underside of the shuttle and rear thrusters are black plastic with unpainted retractable running gear castings and black plastic wheels.

The black plastic underside acts as a base plate and is marked at the rear behind the left hand side running gear with "Corgi Space Shuttle" on three lines, behind the right hand side running gear with "Made in GT Britain" on two lines. It is held in place with four rivets.

This model was issued from August 1979 to 1981.

Item: 1408