Corgi 275-A-3 Rover 2000TC - White

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This model is the Corgi 275-A-3 Rover 2000TC in the rarer colour of white.

The car has a single body casting with no opening parts. The exterior boasts front and rear chrome plastic bumpers. The front bumper is molded to include number plate and radiator grill. Inset in the radiator grill are the lights, represented by yellow jewel lenses.

The interior is red plastic with a right hand drive, red plastic steering wheel inserted into the red dashboard (instrument panel). The car has amber windows and roof hatch.

There is a black plastic spare wheel cover on the trunk lid. Originally this would have been a two part item containing a spare hub with black tyre. The rear sports painted red tail-lights and a molded rear number plate.

All wheels consist of a black rubber tyre with a "chromed" patterned "hub" in the center. The wheels are removable as this is the Golden Jacks version of the vehicle which has 4 small levers on the base that are used to lock and unlock the tyres and hubs from the axles.

The base plate is grey metal and is marked on line one "Rover 2000TC", on line two Corgi Toys, on line three with "Pat.App.No. 13380/67" and on line four "Made in GT Britain". The base is held in place with three machined rivets.

428,000+ of this casting were released by Corgi and this number covers all three colours produced by Corgi. Its scale is said to be 1:46.

Item: 1369