Corgi 1126 Dennis Fire Truck with Simon Snorkel

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This model is the Corgi 1126-B-1 Dennis Fire Truck with Simon Snorkel in Red. At the front this model has a painted grill, headlights and bumper in silver. The cab features blue windows with a yellow plastic interior and black plastic steering wheel. Mounted on top are two blue dome lights and gold sirens. The chrome rear deck sports black hose reels and two yellow plastic legs representing the real unit's hydraulic braces are found on each side. The snorkel arm castings are white plastic with black name labels, black hydraulic cylinders, chrome fittings, two black ladders and two yellow baskets. There is an additional fireman figure supplied to ride in the hanging basket.

There are no opening parts but the Simon Snorkel can be extended manually.

All wheels are of the "Speedwheel"type, hollow black plastic with chrome hubcaps.

The base plate is black plastic and is marked with "Made in GT Britain" over the front axle, Corgi at the rear beside the supporting screw with "Simon Snorkel" above and "Dennis Chassis" below. The base casting also includes a simplified drive shaft. It is held in place with eight machined rivets. The Simon Snorkel appears to be fixed using a single self tapping style screw that goes through the base and up into the centre of the snorkel base.

This model was issued in June 1977 through to 1981. Corgi produced 173,000 of this item and its scale was stated to be 1:48.

Item: 1386