Corgi Qualitoys Turbine Truck Series

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The Corgi Qualitoys were introduced in 1969 as a separate product line intended for a very young age group. All models are based on the same simple, rugged, large scale, pick-up truck-like castings except for the trailers. The eight versions listed by M. Van Cleemput are: Pick-up Truck, Side Tipper, Breakdown Truck, Tower Wagon, Horse Box, Giraffe Transporter, Fire Engine and Pick-up Trailer. I am aware of a ninth that is a pumper trailer that goes with the Fire Engine and a tenth that is a Water or Fuel Tanker.


Item: 1394

This model is the Corgi Qualitoys Q706 Giraffe Transporter in White, Green and Red.

The only opening part of this model is the transport door which opens to form a ramp. The cab is white cast metal molded to represent the grill and headlights on the front and the doors and door handles on the sides. The truck lower body is painted green and has molded air intakes at the front and a tow hook at the rear. It is separated from the cab by yellow plastic which is part of the interior. The truck rear is a red metal horsebox looking component.

The interior is yellow plastic with a left hand drive, yellow plastic steering wheel that is moulded into the yellow dashboard (instrument panel).

All wheels are black rubber tyres with cast metal silver 5 spoke hubs.

The base plate is actually the green lower body of the truck. It is marked with "Turbine Truck Series" behind the front axle, "Qualitoys by Corgi" in front of the front axle and "Made in GT Britain" underneath. It is held in place with four machined rivets.

Item: 1394