Corgi Junior 46-a-2 Jensen Interceptor

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This model is the Corgi Junior 46-a-2 Jensen Interceptor in Metallic Maroon.

This model has a fixed bonnet, but has opening side doors. The front has a silver insert (actually part of the base) to represent the bumper, number plate, grille, and headlights. The rear bumper is also part of the base. Above the rear bumper are the rear lights, painted in the body colour, and a silver number plate that is also part of the base casting.

The entire interior (front and rear seats, dashboard, and rear parcel shelf) is yellow plastic, including the right hand drive steering wheel. The glazing is green tinted all round except for the opening side doors which have no glazing.

All wheels are of the "whizz wheel" type - hollow one piece plastic with a black 5 spoke center "hub".

The base plate is polished metal and is marked "Jensen Interceptor" at the centre top, "Corgi Junior, Whizzwheels, Pat. App. 3396/69" on three lines in the middle centre,  and "Made in GT Britain" at the centre bottom. It is also formed to crudely represent a chassis(?), and is held in place with one machined rivet at the front and a body locating lug at the rear that doubles as the numberplate.

This model was issued between 1970 and 1973.

Item: 3166