Corgi Cubs R502-x Delivery Van - Grocer

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This model is the Corgi Cubs R502-x Delivery van in green and white Grocer livery. This item may have been one of the "Mothercare" exclusive releases. Mothercare is a brand of department stores in the UK.

The car has a single body casting with no opening parts. The headlights, tail lights and front and rear bumpers are part of the white plastic base plate.

The interior is white plastic with a left hand drive, white plastic steering wheel inserted into the white dashboard (instrument panel). The car has clear glazing.

All wheels are of the "Speedster" type - hollow one piece plastic wheels with chromed hub centre and 4 spoke pattern.

The base plate is white plastic and is marked with "Corgi Cubs" in the middle centre on two lines, parallel to the axles, and "Made In, Gt. Britain, Patent, Applied For" on 4 lines behind the rear axle. The base is held in place with four machined rivets.

Item: 4094