Corgi C769/04-b Plaxton Coach - SAS Flybussen - Tesco Auto Club Promotional

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This model is the Tesco Auto Club/Corgi C769-04-b Plaxton Coach in white SAS FlyBussen livery. This model bus was originally produced specifically for sale in Norway according to all my references. However it appears that the model may also have been used in 1987 as a Tesco Promotional and packed in special Tesco "Truck Champions" Auto Club boxes, which is why I have added the "-b" coding. There is some evidence on the internet this model was also issued as the Corgi 91908.

This model has a metal coach body with opening front door and side luggage compartment doors (one each side). At the front, the lower body (actually part of the baseplate) has a chromed plastic insert that represents the grill and headlights. I believe this plastic insert also serves the purpose of fixing the upper body casting to the lower body/baseplate casting. Each side of the bus has 6 coach passengers' windows and an opening luggage compartment door. On the driver's (right hand) side there is a driver's side window and towards the rear a casting imprint that represents the rear emergency exit door. On the left hand side at the front is an opening passenger door and in the centre of the bus an opening luggage compartment door. Both sides are tampo printed with the Norwegian airport shuttle service "SAS Flybussen Braathens S.A.F.E" logos.  [ and have more information on the parent company's history.] Finally the rear of the casting is marked to outline the usual rear engine compartment door and the rear light assemblies are represented by two red, mask sprayed areas.

The entire interior is light tan plastic. It is formed to represent a rear row of passenger seats (5), 10 rows of 4 seats (a pair on each side of the bus) plus one row with two seats behind the driver and one seat on the left hand side by the opening front door - 48 passenger seats in total. In addition to this is the driver's seat on the right hand side, front dash board assembly and a black plastic steering wheel fitted into the dash area. The glazing is blue tinted all around.

All wheels are of the "speed wheel" type - hollow one piece plastic with a "chromed" four spoke center "hub".

The base plate forms part of the lower body as previously described. It is white metal and is marked in the centre with "corgi" on the first line, "PLAXTONS" on the second line, "Paramount" on the third line, "3500" on the fourth line top and "Made in GT. Britain" on the fifth, bottom line. It appears to be held in place with two rear body locating lugs and a press-fit, chromed headlight and grill insert as described previously.

This model was issued after August 1987 and is presumed to have been sold only in Tesco stores in the same manner as the other "Auto Club" issues. It is not known how many were released.

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