Corgi 96741 Morris Minor 1000 - Himalayan Rally

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This model is the Corgi Classics Series 96741 1967 Morris Minor 1000 in Dark Blue rally livery as driven in the Himalayan Rally by Phillip Young and the Reverand Rupert Jones. This model was produced as a general release world-wide. This model represents the Morris Minor 1000 which gained 15th overall place and won the small car class on the 1980 endurance rally.

An unlikely rally car, the Archbishop of Canterbury's Morris Minor, driven by Phillip Young and co-driven by the Rev. Rupert Jones took on the 1980 Himalayan Rally. Young's book (The Himalayan Minor) reveals how the church became involved after a chance encounter on a railway train, how sponsors were found, how the Rev. Rupert Jones agreed to co-drive, how the car was prepared, and how it survived nearly 3,000 miles of hard, rough motoring through India.

This model of the Morris is adorned with the racing number 67, in dark blue lettering on a white background, on the bonnet, roof, and side doors and the driver and navigator's names appear just above the racing number panel on the doors. Sponsor's decals appear on the roof, bonnet, boot and rear sides (Unipart, Beaulieu National Motor Museum, and Avon Tyres). There are no opening parts on this model but it does have a number of chromed enhancements, such as the grille surround and front spotlights. The model is further enhanced with silver front and rear bumpers, door handles, boot hinges and petrol cap.

It has a fixed bonnet, boot, and doors. The front headlights are represented by clear lenses set into a chrome insert. Below the bumper is the number plate [UYU 741F] in white lettering on black background. The rear lights are represented by painted red and orange panels. On the boot is a rear number plate in black and white and a small silver "handle".

The interior is black plastic with a right hand drive, black plastic steering wheel and dashboard. The glazing is clear with molded wipers and a rear view mirror.

All wheels have simulated hubs - solid, one piece black plastic with a silver "hub cap" center and with separate black "rubber" tyres.

The base plate is silver grey, painted metal and is marked "CORGI" in the centre top and "Morris Minor" at the centre bottom with "Made in CHINA" below this on two lines (the word CHINA being on a raised block due to modification of the die). The baseplate casting also has cast drive shaft, suspension and exhaust system. It is held in place with two machined rivets.

This model was issued in December 1991 and comes with a small advertising pamphlet covering the Crogi Club and the recent range of Corgi Classics vehicles. The real car now resides in the Southward Car Museum near Paraparaumu, north of Wellington, in New Zealand. Some photos of the real car are included below.

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