Corgi 96082 Jaguar E Type - Ken Baker

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This model is the Corgi Classics Series 96082 1961 Jaguar E Type Roadster in Opalescent Bronze racing livery as raced by Ken Baker. This model was produced as a general release world-wide.

This model represents the only E Type sold in England in Opalescent Bronze. It was the 96th E Type produced and was purchased by Baker in 1961. Within days of purchasing the car, Baker entered his first race meeting and was fastest in his class. During the 1962 season he won 19 of 24 races with this car and it was these sorts of achievements which made the car the most successful E Type ever raced.

This version of the Jaguar is adorned with the racing number 68 in black lettering on white background on the side doors and the bonnet. There are no opening parts on this model but it does have a number of chromed enhancements, such as light surrounds, exhaust pipes and front and rear bumpers. The model is further enhanced with silver window surrounds, windscreen wipers (3) and door handles.

It has a fixed bonnet, boot, and doors. The bonnet is adorned with the racing number 68 and a front painted numberplate [ 7 CXW ]. The front headlights are represented by clear lenses with orange paint representing the indicators. The rear lights are represented by painted red and orange segments on a chromed insert.

The interior is black plastic with a right hand drive, black plastic steering wheel with "chromed" centre spokes and a black dashboard complete with dials, etc, picked out in silver. The glazing is clear with molded wipers and window frame picked out in silver.

All wheels have simulated chrome wire hubs - solid, one piece plastic with a "chromed" center and with separate black "rubber" tyres.

The base plate is painted metal in the same colour as the body and is marked with "Made in CHINA" behind the front bumper and "CORGI" in the centre top and "Jaguar E Type" at the centre bottom. The baseplate casting also has cast foot wells, drive shaft and "suspension" with a separate chromed exhaust system attached to it. It is held in place with three machined rivets.

This model was issued in July 1992.


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