Corgi 510-A-1 Citroen DS19 Pickup - Tour De France

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This model is the Dinky 510-A-1 Citroen DS19 Pickup in red Tour De France livery.

There are no opening parts on this model. All detail is cast into the body casting and augmented with  a chromed plastic front bumper, clear head light lenses, Tour De France signage on the bonnet, Paramount signage on the sides, and a rear rack for spare cycle wheels. The cycle wheels are missing as is the man

The interior is yellow plastic with a black left hand drive steering wheel set into the dashboard, a driver figure, and the cab glazing is clear.

All wheels appear to be one piece, solid, 8 dot whizzwheel hub and tyre style on steel axles. The model has working suspension.

The base plate is grey painted, cast metal and carries the legend "Corgi Toys" at the top centre, "WHIZZWHEELS" in the middle centre, and "Citroen DS" at the bottom centre. Across the front axle is "Pat. App. 3395/69", and across the rear axle is "Made In Gt. Britain". It is held in place by a machined rivet to the front front and a body locating lug to the rear.

This model was issued between April 1970 and 1972, in a stated scale of 1:47, and 205,000 were sold.

Item: 4107