Corgi 503-A-1 Bedford TK Giraffe Transporter - Chipperfields

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This model is the Corgi 503-A-1 Bedford TK Giraffe Transporter in red and blue Chipperfields livery.

The model features a cast metal cab and chassis, and plastic rear container. The front bumper, grille and headlights are picked out in silver paint, the Bedford badges are in red. Protruding from the side windows are the black plastic side mirrors. The side doors are molded into the casting as are the door handles and other panels and tool boxes/fuel tanks.

On the plastic container, the rear door/ramp is blue plastic and hinged at the bottom to the container sides. Either side of the container are blue, yellow and red Chipperfields Circus labels. The giraffes are missing. The rear plastic container is fixed to the body via a single machined metal rivet.

The interior is yellow plastic and consists of two seats and a dashboard (instrument panel) into which is inserted a grey plastic steering wheel on the right. The only glazing on these models is clear, on all sides of the cab.

All wheels are of a shaped spun metal type - solid one piece, polished, spun metal hubs, with a separate black "rubber" tyre.

The base plate is grey painted metal with Corgi Toys to the front, behind and parallel to the front axle, and "Made in Gt. Britain" on a raised panel, over the front axle. At the centre top of the base is "Bedford, Tractor Unit" on two lines, while at the centre bottom is "Pat. Application, 21101/59" on two lines. The base also carries representations of the lower engine sump, gearbox, drive shaft, rear differential and axle, and the exhaust system. The base is fixed through the use of a single front body locating tab and a single machined rivet forward of the rear axle.

This model was issued between June 1964 and 1971 and over 860,000 were sold.

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