Corgi 464-A Commer 3/4 Ton Police Van

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This model is the Corgi 464-A-3 Commer ¾ Ton Police Van in Metallic Dark Blue "County Police" livery. This is the version with the removable rear.

There are no opening parts. The exterior is painted metallic dark blue with the headlights, grille, badge, and bumpers picked out in silver. The rear lights are picked out in red. The bumpers and all other features are cast into the body, including the Commer emblem/name badge above the top of the radiator grille. It also carries a blue on white, water-slide decal on the sides that reads "County [badge] Police". The battery operated roof lamp is missing.

The interior is a red vac-formed insert into which a silver/grey plastic steering wheel has been fitted. The glazing is clear plastic in the cab area but there is no glazing in the rear.

All wheels are of the "shaped" type - spun, polished wheel hubs with separate "rubber" tyres on steel axles. The front axle incorporates a mechanism that allows the roof light to flicker on and off as the front wheels turn.

The base plate is grey painted metal and is marked in the centre with "CORGI TOYS" at the centre top, Commer on the second line, "¾ Ton" on the third line, "CHASSIS" on the fourth line and "PATENT APPLICATION 21101/59" on the fifth line, and "Made in GT Britain" on the sixth line. Behind the front axle is the small locking screw that holds the rear body to the main body casting. The base is held in place with a single rivet at the rear and two body locating tabs at the front.

This model was issued between June 1963 and 1966 and 438,000 were sold. The scale was stated to be 1:45.

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