Corgi 456-A-1 ERF 44G Dropside Truck

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This model is the Corgi 456-A-1a ERF 44G Dropside Truck in Yellow and Dark Blue. As the references refer to this item as having "shaped" wheels (hubs) and this particular example has SMOOTH hubs, for the purposes of cataloguing my collection I have deemed this item to be a 456-A-1a and the shaped wheel version a 456-a-1b (smooth hubs having preceded the shaped hubs).

There are no opening parts. The cab and chassis are painted yellow with the headlights, bumper, grille, and ERF badge picked out in silver. The other features are cast into the body, including the body lines, doors, fuel tank, the side boxes, and the ERF emblem/name badge on the radiator grille. The rear deck of the model is painted an almost metallic, dark blue. Again all the features of the deck planking and sides are cast.

There is no interior, but the model has glazing which is clear plastic in the cab area.

All wheels are of the "smooth" type - spun, polished wheel hubs with separate "rubber" tyres, pressure fitted to steel axles.

The base plate, actually the underside of the chassis, is yellow painted metal and is marked in the centre with "CORGI, TOYS" on two lines at the centre top, "ERF Model 44G" at the bottom centre on two lines, and "Made in, GT Britain" on two lines across the rear axle cover. The plain tin cab base is held in place with a single rivet at the rear and a body locating lug at the front.

This model was issued between November 1961 and 1964, in a stated scale of 1:56, and 226,000 were sold.

Item: 3406