Corgi 405M-A-1 Bedford CA Utilecon Fire Tender

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This model is the Corgi 405M-A-1 Bedford CA Utilecon Fire Tender in Red with Fire Dept decals. This is the friction drive version, denoted by the M for "mechanical".

There are no opening parts. The exterior is painted red with only the grille and headlights picked out in silver. The bumpers and all other features are cast into the body. The model also carries a water-slide decal on the sides that reads "FIRE [shield] DEPT" in gold lettering, and a cast metal ladder on the roof (in this case a reproduction part).

There is no interior but the vehicle is glazed with clear plastic in the cab and rear, but this has developed a brown tint, probably due to the effect of oil spraying from the friction drive mechanism.

All wheels are of the "smooth" type - spun, polished wheel hubs with separate "rubber" tyres on steel axles.

The base plate is black painted metal and is marked in the centre with "CORGI TOYS" on two lines at the centre top (the word "Toys" is flanked by the words "British" and  "Made"), Bedford, Utilecon, Fire Tender on three lines to the centre bottom,  and "PATENT PENDING" to the rear of the friction drive housing. It also carries a rudimentary representation of the drive shaft and rear differential (which actually houses the friction drive mechanism) and is held in place with a single rivet at the front and a body locating lug at the rear.

This model was issued between August 1956 and 1959 and 116,000 were sold. The scale was stated to be 1:44.

Item: 3640