Corgi 394-A Datsun 240z

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This model is the Corgi 394-A-4 Datsun 240z in red. I have coded this item "A-4" as it differs from the documented 394 rally models in that it has an additional white tampo printed body stripe and silver "240z" on each side that is not present on the 394-A-3 version of the model. Nor does it have any rally numbers or advertising as on the other three documented versions.

The car has opening front doors. The exterior has front and rear polished metal bumpers. The front bumper is molded to include four spotlights. The front lights are represented by yellow lenses set into the body casting. At the rear the indicators and rear lights are represented by plastic orange rectangles that protrude through the body casting from the interior. The two sides have a white body line tampo printed at door handle height. Additional silver highlighting has been added to the cast bonnet badge and "240Z" badges on either side of the vehicle. It has also been added to the "240Z" and "Datsun" badges on the rear body just below the white tampo printed line along the top of the spoiler.

The interior is cream plastic with a left hand drive, gold metal steering wheel inserted into the cream dashboard (instrument panel). The model has fixed seat backs on the front seats and has a red plastic "rally" frame in the rear inside which sits a spare tyre. The glazing is clear all round.

All wheels are of the "speed wheel" type - solid one piece plastic with a "chromed" 8 spoke "hub" in the center (which appears to be a separate item that is press fitted into the wheel as one of the rear hubs is missing).

The base plate is black painted metal and is marked at the centre top with CORGI TOYS and "Made in GT. Britain" on two lines and at the bottom centre WHIZZWHEELS and "Datsun 240Z", again on two lines. The base is also molded to represent a basic drive train including gearbox and the exhaust system, and is shaped to include the front number plate. Also on the base over the front axle is "MAZAK die-cast" and "PAT APP No. 3396/69" on two lines. The base plate is held in place with two machined rivets.

This model was issued in 1976? Its scale is said to be 1:43.

Item: 1343