Corgi 381-A GP Beach Buggy

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This model is the Corgi 381-A-2/3 GP Beach Buggy in orange-red. The issue number varies and was changed in the 4th Edition of "Corgi Toys" by Edward Force from issue 2 to issue 3.

There are no opening parts on this model. The front hood has a daisy shaped paper label. Behind the seats is an unpainted metal roll bar. The roof is a white plastic component incorporating racks for the two surf boards. This item has only one repaired surfboard.

The interior of the Buggy has black seats and floor at the front with a gold right hand side steering wheel and an open orange-red trunk. The glazing is a clear unframed windscreen with very slight amber tint.

The wheels of the Beach Buggy are "Whizzwheels" - Hollow black wheels with 8-spoke chrome hub inserts — the back wheels are slightly larger than the front wheels.

The base plate of the buggy is chrome metal and is marked with CORGI TOYS followed by "Whizzwheels" at the centre, G.P. Beach Buggy at the centre bottom and "PAT APP 3396/69" on top of the front right wheel and "Made in Great Britain" on top of the back right wheel. It also incorporates a representation of the rear mounted engine. The base plate is held in place with the usual two machined rivets, front and rear.

This model was issued between September 1970 and was withdrawn in 1976.

Item: 2578