Corgi 344-A Ferrari 206 Dino

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This model is the Corgi 344-A-3 Ferrari 206 Dino in yellow and black, with racing number "23"maroon.

The black plastic front doors are the only opening parts on this model and carry a white circle with black racing number "23". Another white circle with black "23" graces the bonnet. The front lights are clear plastic inserts, the rear lights are red jeweled lenses.. The front and rear aero-foils are black plastic and part of the interior component. The side mirrors are unpainted metal.

The interior is black plastic with a right hand drive gold steering wheel, set into the back dash. The glazing is clear all round the cockpit and blue over the engine and spare wheel.

All wheels are of the spun type - solid one piece spun metal hubs with red plastic centres around the steel axles, each with a separate black "rubber" tyre.

The base plate is yellow painted metal and is marked with CORGI TOYS at the centre top, "Ferrari badge" in the centre middle, and "206 Dino Sport" at the centre bottom. In front of the front axle it reads "Patent, App. No., 3305/60" on two lines, and behind the rear axle it reads "Made In, Gt. Britain" on two lines. The base plate is held in place with three machined rivets.

This model was issued between September 1969 and 1973.

Item: 3878