Corgi 339-B-1 Rover 3500 - Police

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This model is the Corgi 339-B-1 Rover 3500 in white Police livery as used by the Oxfordshire Constabulary.

The car has opening front doors and opening rear hatch. The exterior has front and rear chrome plastic bumpers. The front bumper is molded to include the number plate and appears to be part of the chromed engine insert. The front lights are also part of this chromed moulding. At the rear the indicators and rear lights are represented by mask sprayed red boxes over the moulded impressions on the body casting.

At the front the car has a label reading "POLICE" in blue letters on a white background. On each side are four labels representing the Fluorescent orange and white stripes, the front door also having a royal style crest (crown superimposed over the top of the top point on an eight point star) in blue. Inside this sheild is a red circle with white lion, around which the words "County Constabulary" appear on a white background. On the roof is a separate triangular, plastic casting on which sits a blue light. The forward facing sides read "POLICE" in white on a blue background and the rear facing side reads "POLICE" in white on blue background on the left half of the side and "STOP" in white on a red background on the right half of the side. The rear hatch carries a label reading "POLICE" in red text on white background.

The interior is red plastic with a right hand drive, black plastic steering wheel inserted into the red dashboard (instrument panel). The model has folding seat backs on the front seats. The glazing is clear with the front screen imprinted with a representation of two windscreen wipers and the interior rear vision mirror. The rear screen has horizontal lines cast to represent a rear demister.

All wheels are of the "speed wheel" type - hollow one piece plastic with a "chromed" patterned "hub" in the center.

The base plate is black painted metal and is marked at the centre top with corgi, "Made in GT. Britain" at the lower middle and at the bottom centre "Rover 3500". The base is also molded to represent a basic drive train from gearbox to differential, exhaust system, and is shaped to represent the rubber corners of the front and rear bumpers. It is held in place with four machined rivets.

This model was issued in June 1980 according to both Force and Manzke and July 1980 according to van Cleemput. It was never withdrawn according to Van Cleemput's 2010 revision and 169,000+ items were sold. Its scale was said to be 1:36.

Item: 1933