Corgi 311-A-1a Ford Capri 3 Litre GT

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This model is the Corgi 311-A-1a Ford Capri 3L GT in Luminescent Pink. This model used the newly tooled 311 casting and I have coded it 1a as it looks to have been more likely to have been produced after the orange 311-A-1 and before the dark red 311-A-2. I find it strange that it is not mentioned in any of the main references but this item came from a reputable source who has spent years researching rare Corgi items and talking with former employees and importers.

It has opening front doors only. The front headlights are represented by oblong, cut, amber lenses inset in greyish plastic surrounds. The rear lights are represented by by clear red plastic insert in to the body casting. Both the front and rear bumpers are plain unpainted metal.

The interior is black plastic with a right hand drive, unpainted metal steering wheel inserted into the black plastic dashboard (instrument panel). The glazing is clear all round.

All wheels are of the "speed wheel" type - hollow one piece plastic with a "chromed" patterned "hub"in the center.

The base plate is luminescent pink painted metal and is marked in the top centre with "Made in GT Britain" Corgi Toys on line one of the middle centre, "Ford Capri" on the second middle line, "PAT.APP.3396/69" at the bottom centre and "3 LITRE GT" at the middle by the rear axle housing. It is held in place with four rivets.

This model 311 was issued between February 1970 and 1972. Its scale was said to be 1:45 and 243,000 of this casting were sold.

Item: 1227