Corgi 264-B-2 Mazda B1600 Pickup - Incredible Hulk

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This model is the Corgi 264-B-2 Mazda B1600 Pickup (The Incredible Hulk) in metallic light brown with red cage.

At the front is a black headlight, grille and bumper assembly with the headlights, number plate, and indicators (trafficators) picked out in silver. Immediately above this the word MAZDA is cast into the front of the bonnet which carries  a multi-coloured paper label that reads "The Incredible Hulk". To the sides are cast body lines, doors, petrol cap and side indicators. At the rear is a silver painted tailgate with cast MAZDA. The rear lights are cast into the body and are the main body colour. The rear deck of the pickup has a bare metal cab guard that doubles as a tie down rack and a red plastic "cage".

The interior of the cab is all black plastic including the steering wheel and dashboard. The glazing is clear all round.

The base is black plastic. It is marked to the front (behind the bumper) with "Scale 1/35", to the rear with "Patent No, 1278081" on two lines by the rear towing hook. At the centre top it carries "Made in Gt Britain", at the centre middle "CORGI", and at the centre bottom "Mazda B1600 Pickup". It is held in place by 5 machined rivets.

All wheels are single piece, black plastic, hub and off-road tyre units with a chromed, 6 spoke hub centre.

This model came with a "Hulk" figurine in green with red trousers, on a green base, and packed in a special "The Incredible Hulk" box that is comprised of a standard Corgi box with a special rear "hanger card" that slots onto the standard box.

Issued in 1981 only.

Item: 3200