Corgi 251-A Hillman Imp

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This model is the corgi 251-A-5 Hillman Imp in light Blue "Jensen's" livery. Bought as a probable Code 3 to fill a space in the collection, close inspection reveals  the base has never been off and the interior of the casting is the same light blue as the exterior. However the casting itself shows pitting so I'm wondering if it is a good restoration of an original Jensen's, done without removing the base, as I'm not aware of this shade of blue being used for any other Hillman Imp by Corgi and it appears to have the correct bright yellow interior. Either way I'm not concerned as it fills the space on the shelf and was obtained at the right price.

The model features only an opening rear luggage window. All other features are cast into the body casting. At the front we have the lights, emblem, and bumper highlighted in silver. The sides have cast door outlines and handles, body lines, and the doors each carry a Jensen's  decal in blue and white with gold crown. The rear has the cast tail lights picked out in red with a silver rear bumper.

The interior is a bright yellow plastic with folding rear seat, and a bright yellow steering wheel. The model has clear glazing all round.

All wheels are of the shaped spun metal type - solid one piece spun metal hubs, with separate black rubber tyres, mounted on steel domed axles.

The base plate is light grey painted metal and is marked Corgi Toys at the centre top, "Hillman Imp" to the middle centre, and "Patent Application24652/62, Made in Gt. Britain" in much smaller text, on two lines at the centre bottom. The base is held in place by two, untouched, machined rivets.

This item casting was used between December 1963 and 1967, in a stated scale of 1:43, and 593,000 were produced.

Item: 3389