Corgi 251-A-5 Hillman Imp - Jensen's

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This model is the Corgi 251-A-5 Hillman Imp in Light Blue "Jensen's" livery. This is the RARE version with factory painted light blue body, "Jensen's" decals, and bright yellow interior. IF it is a repaint/restored item, it has been done to an original vehicle as the visible interior paint is also light blue and the base is untouched and has not been off the vehicle. No other Hillman Imp was produced by Corgi in this pale blue with bright yellow interior and cast lights — later issues had jeweled headlights, cream interior and modified body castings. I am pretty certain this is an original but, as always, I recognise there are some very good restorers and fakers out there.

The model features an opening rear luggage compartment window. All other features are cast into the body casting. At the front we have the lights, emblem, and bumper in silver. The number plate is painted in the body colour. The sides have cast door outlines and handles, body lines, and the rear has the cast tail lights picked out in red with a silver rear bumper and body-coloured number plate.

The entire interior is a bright yellow plastic with bright yellow steering wheel. The rear seat is in the folded-down position. The model has clear glazing all round.

All wheels are of the shaped, spun metal type - solid one piece spun metal hubs, with separate black "rubber" tyres on steel axles.

The base plate is light grey painted metal with discolouration. I have other genuine factory issues that suffer from this same discolouration which appears to have affected the base paints over a certain production period. The base is marked Corgi Toys at the centre top, "Hillman Imp" in the centre middle, and "Patent Application 24652/62, Made in Gt. Britain" on two lines at the centre bottom. It is held in place by two machined rivets.

This item casting was used between December 1963 and 1967 and I believe this to be a late casting issued around 1966/67.

Item: 3389