Corgi 163-A-1 Ford Capri - Santa Pod Gloworm

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Item 2916

This model is the Corgi 163-A-1 Ford Capri - Santa Pod Gloworm in white.

The body is the only opening part on this model – it lifts to expose the chassis, roll cage, driver and motor by means of a spring loaded button at the front which forms part of the front bumper when the body is closed. The front lights, grille and bumper are cast in to the main body casting, as are the door shapes, side vents, rear bumper, lights and parachute. The red painted chassis and roll cage are a separate, intricate metal casting. A third silver cast metal part forms the body lifting arms. The exterior of the body is covered with various printed labels – on the bonnet is a shaped blue label with white panel in which is depicted a glow-worm carrying mechanics tools and the word "GLOWORM", the roof carries a "Custom Car Magazine" label, the sides carry a white label with Union Jack and USA flags and Ford Capri badges, and the rear has an advertising label reading "Body By Fibre Glass Repairs". In addition to the labels each side has been mask sprayed with a blue body stripe.

The interior comprises a black plastic seat with separate white suited driver, a gold plated plastic steering wheel, engine mount and exhausts, black plastic engine block and chromed plastic air ram. The gold engine mount also acts to hold the front axle. The glazing is amber all round and carries no molding for wipers or demisters but is shaped to allow air into the air ram.

All wheels are of a drag racing style - one piece, black plastic "WhizzWheels" wheels with a chromed 9mm diameter insert representing the front hubs and an 11mm diameter, 5 spoke dragster style rear insert. The front wheels are 5mm wide and the rear wheels 7mm wide. The axle ends appear to be dome headed but may be press fitted pins.

The base plate is red painted metal and is marked with CORGI TOYS at the centre top, "WHIZZWHEELS" in the centre middle and MADE IN GT. BRITAIN at the upper rear (behind the rear axle housing), PAT. APP 3396/69 at the lower rear, and "Santapod Gloworm" on two lines at the centre front, behind the front axle. The base plate is held to the roll cage casting by two rear body locating lugs and a single front machined rivet.

This casting was used between July 1971 and the end of 1976.

Item: 2916