Corgi 159-A-1 Cooper Maserati

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This model is the Corgi 159-A-1 Cooper Maserati in yellow and white with racing number 3 decals.

It has no opening parts but the front wheels are steered by moving the driver figure from side to side. The upper exterior is painted yellow into which is fitted an exposed 12 cylinder engine, exposed suspension and a rear spoiler. The open cockpit contains a blue plastic driver with white helmet. Chromed wing mirrors are also present, set into the clear plastic windscreen.

The racing decal has an orange "3" inside a gold circle that is encompassed with a black ring, superimposed over gold and black longitudinal stripes.

All wheels are of the "solid" type - cast wheel hubs, 8mmm in diameter at the front and 10mm at the rear with an 8 spoke pattern and separate rubber tyres.

The base plate is white painted metal and is marked in the centre with CORGI TOYS on the first line, "Cooper Maserati" on the second line, "Formula 1" on the third line and all three lines are flanked by the Cooper logo to the front and Maserati logo to the rear of the casting. Finally, "Made in GT Britain" is cast at the rear in front of the rear axles. It is held in place with two rivets.

This model was issued between March 1969 and 1972 and 208,000 were sold.

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