Corgi 154-B-1 Lotus Formula 1 - John Player Special

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This model is the Corgi 154-B-1 Lotus Formula 1 John Player Special decked out in Black and Gold John Player Special livery.

The exterior has gold plated parts for the suspension, exhaust pipes, side mirrors and roll bars.

The interior of the Lotus F1 consists of a black plastic driver with blue helmet, silver safety belts and white gloves gripping the gold plated steering wheel. There is no glazing on this casting. This vehicle also carries paper labels representing the JPS Racing colours and the car carries the racing number "1" on both sides and on the front aerofoil.

All wheels are of a “speedwheel” type - one piece hollow plastic with a "gold plated" hub.

The base plate of the Lotus F1 is black painted metal and is marked with CORGI TOYS, WHIZZWHEELS and John Player Special F.1 in the centre, MADE IN GT. BRITAIN and PAT APP 3396/69 just over the front axle, and Scale 1/36 under the nose cone. The base plate is held in place with the usual two machined rivets, front and rear.

The model was issued in special black and gold, window style packaging. The rear of the packaging contains a photo of Ronnie Peterson and a brief description of his career successes for JPS.

This model was issued between March 1973 and 1979. There are conflicting reports on how many items were produced, the periods they were produced and when the labeling was changed from JPS to Texaco but van Cleemput states Corgi sold 2,027,000 of this model. The scale was stated to be 1:36.


Item: 1344