Corgi 151-A Lotus Eleven

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This model is the Corgi 151-A-8 Lotus Eleven in blue with racing number 3 decals. It is also recorded as the 151A in the Corgi catalogues.

It has no opening parts. At the front we have a silver grille, either side of which sit the clear headlight lenses. To the centre front of the bonnet is the racing number "3" and red and white racing stripes. The racing decal has a black "3" inside a white circle that is flanked by the red and white stripes. The open cockpit contains red seats, silver grey steering wheel, and blue painted dashboard. The driver is missing. All detail is cast into the body, including the exhaust system. The windscreen is clear plastic.

All wheels are of the cast smooth type - cast wheel hubs with separate rubber tyres.

The base plate is lacquered metal and is marked in the centre with CORGI TOYS on the first two lines, "Made in GT Britain" on the next two lines and "Lotus,Mark 11, Le Mans" on the last three lines. It is held in place with two machined rivets.

This model was issued between September 1961 and 1966. Van Cleemput notes 286,000 of them were sold in Blue or Lemon.

Item: 3721