Corgi 1005-A-1 Land Rover - Police

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This model is the Corgi 1005-A-1 Land Rover in white. This model was released as a Corgitronics Police Landrover with siren and blue flashing roof light activated by pushing the toy down. It was packed in the normal Corgitronics box of the period.

This model has a fixed bonnet, front and rear side doors but has an opening rear door at the back. The front has a black painted bumper that is part of the baseplate. Two silver domes represent the molded headlights.

The entire interior is brown plastic with room to hold a standard 9v battery and its associated fittings. The glazing is black and opaque so that the interior cannot be seen.

All wheels are single piece units with a central chrome 8 spoke hub and a black tyre.

The base plate is black painted metal and is marked with "Corgitronics" in the centre top and "Land Rover 109WB" at the centre bottom and a tiny Made in Gt. Britain at the rear, behind the rear axle housing. It is held in place with a single front rivet and a rear locator plug.

This model was issued in August 1981.

Item: 1167