Corgi 1004-A-1 Beep Beep Bus - London Bus with Horn

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This model is the Corgi 1004-A-1 London Bus with Horn - also known as the Beep Beep Bus in red. This model was released as a Corgitronics London Bus with working horn activated by pushing the toy down. It was packed in a Corgitronics box of the period. The model uses the Corgi 469-A casting.

The model has no opening parts other than the battery compartment. The front has the grill and lights picked out in silver paint. All other features are cast in to the body casting and painted the standard red. the lower deck on each side has the typical "London Transport" markings in gold lettering. The upper decks have typical advertising and destination boards for route 11. The front destination board is flanked on both sides by the Corgi logo and reads "11", "Chelsea, Charing +, Fleet St" on the upper destination section and "Liverpool St" on the lower destination section. The left hand side contains advertising for "BTA - Welcome to Britain" and the rear destination board reads "11, Fulham, Chelsea, Charing +, Fleet St". The rear destination board (same details as on the front) is flanked by "Keep Britain Tidy" advertising. finally the right hand side advertising is "BTA - Welcome to Britain" and the Corgi logo appears at the rear of this side of the bus.

The entire interior is white plastic with room to hold a standard 9v battery and its associated fittings. The glazing is black and opaque so that the interior cannot be seen except at the rear passenger entry. This model was shipped from the factory with a small piece of the black glazing missing from the front lower deck window (quality control defect).

All wheels are single piece units with a central chrome 6 spoke hub and a black tyre.

The base plate is black plastic metal and is marked with "Corgitronics" at the top of the battery compartment lid and "London Bus" at the bottom and a tiny Made in Gt. Britain at the rear, behind the rear axle housing. It is held in place with two machined rivets.

This model was issued in August 1981.

Item: 1293