Corgi GS15-B Landrover

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This model is the Corgi GS15-B Landrover in blue.It is missing the rear plastic canopy and trailer.

The vehicle has no opening parts. The exterior has a silver painted front bumper that is moulded as part of the body, and mask sprayed grille and headlights. The spare wheel is attached to the front bonnet of the vehicle and the model comes equipped with a grey plastic tow hook assembly at the rear.

The interior is yellow plastic with a right hand drive, light grey plastic steering wheel inserted into the dashboard (instrument panel). The glazing is clear all round the cab.

All wheels are of the spun type - one piece polished spun metal hubs with a "rubber" tyre imprinted with "Corgi Toys".

The base plate is grey painted metal and is marked with "Land Rover 109" W.B." on two lines at the centre top, Corgi Toys at the centre middle, and "Patent No. 904525, Made in Gt. Britain" on two lines at the bottom centre  It is held in place with two machined rivets at the front and rear.

This model was issued in Gift Set 15, and used the 438 casting. It was released in November 1968 and over 629,000 sets were sold.

Item: 3881