Corgi GS04-B-1 Country Farm Set

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This item is the Corgi GS04-B-1 Country Farm Set in straw. This is the trailer load only (haystack and figures) and is approximately 126mm long, 58mm wide, and 60mm high. It is intended to go on the Farm trailer from the set. The haystack is cast plastic and has two separately cast plastic figures fitted to the top. The Male figure has a white hat, red shirt, blue trousers and wears black wellington boots. The female figure has black hair (no hat), dark green shirt, lighter green trousers, and wears black short boots or shoes. The arms and faces are painted a flesh colour with features picked out in black.

The set was issued between 1974 and 1975 and features a #50 Massey Ferguson tractor, red trailer with hay load, figures, and fences.

Item : 4081