Corgi D949/25 Bedford OB Coach - Eastern National

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This model is the Corgi Classics Series D949/25 Bedford OB Coach in Cream in the livery of Eastern National. This model was produced as a general release world-wide and represents a typical Bedford OB Coach of the era as used on numerous rural and urban routes throughout the Commonwealth.

There are no opening parts on this model which has three main casting that form the roof, body and baseplate. The roof and body are in cream, with the mudguards and the body side flashes picked out in green.

At the front is the numberplate [LPU 624] in white lettering on a black background, and a black with silver highlighting radiator grille and cream grille surround. The front bumper is painted green on this vehicle, as are the front and rear mudguards. To the side of the grille, mounted into it, are two cast, black painted headlights with mask sprayed silver "lenses". A small bump is cast into the front mudguards to represent the front parking lights. At the rear the lights are represented by concave impressions on either side of the body that have not been highlighted. All door handles, side trafficators, petrol cap and door hinges, etc., are not highlighted either, but remain in the body colour.

Above the front windows the destination boards read "Eastern &mdash, —National" on two lines on the right and "HALSTEAD" on the left in white lettering on black backgrounds. Each side carries Eastern National in gold lettering tampo printed over the body colour in the middle of the vehicle. At the front of both sides is the vehicle fleet number "3934" in tiny black lettering. At the rear the model carries " Eastern National" in black text on a gold background immediately below the rear windows. Below this are two body coloured concave impressions that lie either side of the rear black and white numberplate. Finally, the rear luggage compartment doors carry no signage but the right hand side door carries the vehicle fleet number "3934" at the bottom of the door in gold lettering.

The entire interior is pale tan plastic with a right hand drive, black plastic steering wheel. There are 29 passenger seats and one driver's seat. The glazing is clear on the split front windscreen, side windows and rear windows.

All wheels have simulated commercial hubs - solid, one piece, green painted plastic hubs and black "rubber" tyres.

The base plate is black painted metal and is marked "CORGI" in the centre top and "Bedford OB Coach" at the forward centre middle, followed by "Made in Gt. BRITAIN" at the bottom, just behind the rear axle. The baseplate casting also has a rudimentary cast chassis, gearbox, drive shaft and axles. It is held in place with three machined rivets.

This model was issued in November 1990.

Item: 1931