Corgi C861 Bentley 3 Litre (1927)

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This model is the Corgi Classics Series C861 1927 Bentley 3 litre in mid green. This model was produced as a limited edition of 13500 world-wide. This item is #6101 of 13500 and comes complete with its certificate of authenticity. This model represents the road version of the Bentley and as such is unadorned with logos.

The model has no opening parts. It has a fixed bonnet and doors. The bonnet is adorned with a black stripe, cast to look like a leather strap. At the front we have a chrome radiator shell surround and headlights with a black radiator centre. Further back the model has a clear plastic windscreen, with simulated open driver's side window. Either side of the body are what appear to be tool boxes with a horn attached to the box on the right hand side. At the rear is what looks like a petrol tank.

The interior is black plastic with a right hand drive, chrome plastic steering wheel and black dashboard complete with dials, etc. The glazing is clear.

All wheels are simulated wire wheels - one piece metal with a multi-spoked center "hub" and separate black "rubber" tyres.

The base plate is dark brown painted metal and is cast to represent the chassis, mudguards, leaf spring suspension, engine sump, gearbox and drive shaft and differential. It is marked at the front left hand side with "1985" and the right hand side with "Special Edition". On the bottom of the engine sump is Bentley. In the centre of the base, above the drive shaft it reads "Made in Gt. Britain" on two lines. Below the drive shaft is the legend "Corgi Classics", again on two lines, with "Le Mans 1927" on two lines behind the rear axle. The baseplate casting is also fitted with a separate exhaust system casting in silver. It is held in place with two rear body locating lugs and a single front machined rivet.

This model was issued around 1985/86 as a limited edition.

Item: 1364