Corgi C503-x Ford Escort Van - National Exhibition Centre

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This model is the Corgi C503-x Ford Escort Van in red, white and blue National Exhibition Centre livery. It may also be known in the Corgi company as the C635 as my model came with white 635 label on 503 packaging. Given Corgi regularly issued new release numbers using the old release packaging at this time, the model could be categorised by either. C653 is not listed in any of my reference books. Neither does a full list of the 503 releases (only /01 and /07 are mentioned in Manzke's book and Force's book doesn't mention them at all.

This model has opening back doors only. The body has a base colour of white and has been mask sprayed in red over the roof and top third of the body cab and rear. The bottom third of the body sides has been mask sprayed in blue. The red rear van sides read "National Exhibition Centre" on two lines in white text. Below this is appears a small red and blue flag that is replicated again on the left rear van door.

The front headlights appear to be chrome inserted into part of the grille and front number plate [blank] which are a separate part in black plastic which has been inserted into the white body casting. Both front and rear indicators are represented by mask sprayed orange sections.

The entire interior is a pale tan plastic with black plastic, right hand drive steering wheel inset into the dash. The glazing is clear with molded wipers and rear view mirror on the front windscreen. There is no glazing in the rear doors.

All wheels are of the "speed wheel" type - hollow, one piece black plastic with a chrome 12 "spoke" patterned center "hub".

The base plate is black plastic and is marked with "CORGI" in the centre top, "Ford Escort 55" at the centre bottom on three lines, and a tiny "Made in GT Britain" at the very rear on the left hand side. It is cast so that it also represents the rear bumpers and is held in place with two machined rivets.

This model was issued in circa 1984/85.

Item: 1935