Corgi C358 Ford Sierra 2.3L Ghia - Essex Police

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This model is the Corgi C358 Ford Sierra 2.3L Ghia sedan in the white livery of the Essex Police.

This model has a fixed bonnet, but has opening side doors and boot. The front has a white plastic insert to represent the top of the bumper with the white baseplate shaped as the lower bumper and numberplate. The front headlights are formed from silver plastic inserts and below these silver and orange panels, on the lower bumper, represent the side and indicator lights. Between the headlights is a small blue ":Ford" badge. At the front of the bonnet the vehicle carries a "POLICE" sign in blue letters. The sides of the car have a fluorescent yellow stripe bounded by a black line above and black and white chequerboard pattern below. This line is broken by a red, white and blue Essex Police crest on the front doors, which also carry the wing mirrors. On the roof is a simple blue and white plastic light bar. The rear bumper assembly is also white plastic and metal with the rear indicator lights represented by red plastic inserts. The rear hatch has another small Ford badge on the right hand side, a cast Sierra 2.3L Ghia, painted white, on the left hand side, and a small silver lock in the centre.

The entire interior is black plastic with folding seat backs and a LEFT hand drive black plastic steering wheel which suggests the target market for the model was Europe rather than the UK (or was Corgi just getting sloppy?). The glazing is clear with molded windscreen wipers and interior mirror.

All wheels are of the "speed wheel" type - hollow one piece plastic with a "chromed" center, 3 spoke "hub".

The base plate is white plastic and is marked with "Made in GT Britain" in front of the front axle and "corgi" in the centre top and "Ford Sierra 2.3 Ghia" at the centre bottom. It is also formed to represent the front suspension, drive train, exhaust, rear suspension, petrol tanks and wheel well. It is held in place with four machined rivets.

This model was issued in February 1986.

Item: 1948