Corgi 475-A-1 Citroen Safari - 1964 Winter Olympics

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Item 3840

This model is the Corgi 475-a-1 Citroen Safari in white, 1964 Winter Olympics livery. This item is missing the skier, skies and ski poles.

The rear boot lid and tail gate are the only opening parts on this model. On the bonnet is a circular decal wit hte Olympic rings to the centre, surrounded by 1964 Olympics Winter Sports in black text. The roof carries the original red plastic roof rack, but the item is missing the skis, poles, and skier that came with it originally. The front lights and spotlights are represented by mask sprayed silver spots and the grille, number plate, and front bumper are also mask sprayed in silver. The rear lights are represented by cast lights, part of the main body casting.

The interior is pale green plastic with a left hand drive steering wheel cast into the interior casting. It also has a folding rear seat, operated by a small wheel on the base. The front seats and rear interior deck are a tan colour. The glazing is clear at the front and sides and carries no molding for wipers or demisters. The side rear driver's side window is open.

All wheels are of a spun type - one piece metal hubs with a black "rubber" tyre.

The base plate is pale grey painted metal and is marked with CORGI, TOYS on two lines at the centre top, "Citroen, Safari" on two lines in the centre middle and "MADE IN GT. BRITAIN, PATENT APPLICATION 21101/99" on two lines, in smaller text, at the centre bottom. The base plate is held in place with the usual two machined rivets, one front and one rear.

This model was issued in January 1964 to coincide with the Winter Olympics.

Item: 3840