Conrad 103401LE Mercedes Benz Racing Car Transporter with W196 Racing Car

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This model is the Conrad 103401LE Mercedes Benz Racing Car Transporter with W196 Racing Car in Dark Blue and Silver.

The model features the specially built “Blue Miracle” Mercedes Racing Car Transporter built in 1954 and used until Mercedes Benz withdrew from racing following the disastrous crash during the 1955 Le Mans 24 Hour race which saw pieces of racing car debris fly into the crowd killing 83 spectators, Driver Pierre Levegh, and injuring 120 others. The vehicle was intended to go into a Mercedes Museum but was used for a time doing work that helped with the road-testing of prototype cars.

In 1967 Mercedes scrapped the original vehicle which had a reported top speed of 105 miles per hour, then in 1993 the ** Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Fellbach (near Stuttgart, Germany) decided to rebuild an authentic replica based on all the old photos and information that could be gathered. The re-builders spent nearly 6000 hours on the project and after seven years the “Blue Miracle Renntransporter” was finished around 2001. The replica transporter is now housed in the Mercedes-Benz Museum, complete with a Mercedes Benz 300 SLR payload, one of its common loads during the 1950s.

At the front the model displays a classic style Mercedes Benz grille with Mercedes-Benz emblem. Below this is a front bumper with over-riders (a separate metal casting) with numberplate [W21-6568] in white lettering over a black background. The front lights are represented by two circular, chrome inserts below each of which is a further metal insert representing the lower front parking lights. In the top centre of the bonnet is a further three pointed star Mercedes-Benz symbol. The front windscreen has a silver frame while the specially shaped rear cab window is unframed.

Both side doors bear the legend "Mercedes-Benz * Rennabteilung", Chrome side mirrors and mask sprayed door handles and body trim. In the middle of each side is a mounted spare wheel. The rear deck of the vehicle is represented by a bare metal, cast "tray". Two cast metal ramps are provided so the race car can be loaded in the same manner as on the original vehicle. The rear body of the vehicle is plain, yet stylish with its 3 pointed star emblem, red rear lights and metal bumper. There is no rear numberplate.

The interior of this model is molded in brown plastic with a black plastic steering wheel mounted on the left hand side of the dashboard. There are two front bucket seats. The glazing on the model is clear.

All wheels on the model are comprised of a single, silver plastic hub in a classic Mercedes-Benz pattern with separate black rubber tyre.

The baseplate is black plastic and is marked "Made in Germany" at the top centre, "Scale 1:43" at the middle centre with the Conrad emblem toward the rear of the base, and "Model 1034" at the lower centre of the base. The base carries no other detail apart from a bare metal casting of the exhaust pipe and muffler. It is fixed in place with two tiny Phillips screws.

The load for this model is the Brumm R72 1954 Mercedes W196 in silver with racing number 8 as driven by Juan Manuel Fangio.

At the front this model displays the classic style Mercedes Benz grille of the day with Mercedes-Benz emblem. On the top of the engine cover is the racing number "8" in red on a white background. In the top centre of the body the front windscreen is replicated as a clear perspex disk with black rear-view mirrors on either side. The cockpit contains a single brown seat and black plastic steering wheel. Both sides also display the racing number as does the rear body work.

All wheels on the model are comprised of a single, silver plastic hub in a classic wire spoke pattern with single locking nut and separate black rubber tyre.

The baseplate is silver painted metal and is marked Brumm in the manufacturer's script at the top middle, "Made in Italy" and "#1/43" on a second line. The base carries no other detail and is fixed in place with a single tiny Phillips screw.

Item: 2326

*Rennabteilung ranslates to Racing Department in English

**The Mercedes-Benz Classic Centre is the largest corporate department for historical vehicles offering a comprehensive range of services for all classic cars from the Benz, Daimler, Mercedes and Mercedes-Benz brands. The Centre's workshop also takes care of the exhibits for the Mercedes-Benz Museum, repairs and restores classic cars of customers from all over the world to the exacting quality standards of Mercedes-Benz.