Charbens #40 Fire Engine

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This model is the Charbens #40 Fire Engine in red with hand painted driver in black and gold.

The model of the fire engine has a one-piece, cast metal body, 100mm in length, 50mm high and 36mm wide. At the front is a silver painted grille and front bumper, behind this the driver sits on the front seat behind the most rudimentary steering wheel I've ever seen on a toy – it is little more than a metal nipple on the rear of the engine firewall. The rear body has had a silver strip painted along the top of the rear seating and seat foot step. The rear pump unit has two silver circles painted either side of the ladder support. The ladder, front ladder support, and four firemen are missing from this model.

The model is fitted with red painted metal wheels fitted to steel axles that are held in place by being pinch-crimped to the four under body pillars.

There is no base to the model, the underside of the body is simply marked "Charbens" to the centre top and "Made in England" on two lines at the centre bottom.

This item was first issued in 1955 using the same body casting used for the un-numbered Disney Mickey's Fire Engine issued in 1949 and distributed as a Salco item. A similar casting was used before this time for the #15 Wheeled Escape Fire Engine, but there are distinct differences to the rear body casting on it.

Item: 2985