Charbens #99 Covered Wagon Set

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This model is the plastic Charbens #99 covered Wagon Set with hand painted figures in various colours.

The model of the covered wagon has a multi-piece, plastic body, 80mm in length (180mm including drawbar). It has been shaped to represent the typical Conestoga wagon of the 1800s. At the front is the green plastic drawbar onto which 4 brown plastic horses are fitted. Behind this the wagon body is a pale brown plastic with white plastic cover. It is fitted with yellow plastic wheels fitted to steel axles. The set also comes with 4 standing gunmen, each carrying either molded pistols or rifles. A pale tan rearing horse is also included in the set, its rider being removable.

The base of the wagon body is simply marked "Made in England".

The set comes packaged in a brightly coloured window box noting the manufacturer (Charbens World Wide Series) and country of origin (England). The rear of the box carries a list of 20 other Charbens' sets and identifying the set was "Manufactured by Charbens & Co. Ltd., 219 Hornsey Road, London, N.7. England". The model number has been hand written in marker pen on the right hand end flap in the appropriate panel.

I do not know exactly when this item was issued but believe it to be between 1965 and 1970.

Item: 2873