Charben's Giftware - Ceramic Single Tray with Stephenson's Rocket

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This collectible is the Charben's - Ceramic Single Tray with #14 Stephenson's Rockett in black ceramic and chrome. The item features no moving parts.

The ceramic tray is in a semi oval shape. To the rear right sits the #14 Stephenson's Rocket in a dull chrome finish. The vehicle body casting is identical to the standard painted version of the model. The underside of the model is modified with the addition of a single tapped hole into which the fixing screw goes after passing through a long pillar (separate casting). It is unmarked.

This item does not have its original packaging and I have never seen a photo of the item in its original packaging.

This item was probably issued between 1966 and 1968 as the Charben's "Old Crocks" range was deleted in the late 1960s.

Item: 2960