Chad Valley Wee-Kin 225 Open Lorry - Clockwork

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This model is the Chad Valley Wee-Kin 225 Open Lorry in red and grey. The model is powered by a clockwork motor (working) and has a replacement winding key, the original  being missing.

This is basically a three part casting — body, base, and rear deck. It has no opening parts. The key to wind it up is inserted into the left side of the cab. The entire exterior is painted red with the grille, headlights and front and rear number plates as silver painted metal molded as part of the body. The rear deck is painted grey and fixed to the body casting by two spun rivets.

There is no interior as the cab is filled by the clockwork mechanism. This model has no glazing.

All wheels are one piece metal hubs, each with a rubber tyre, fitted to steel axles. The front axle passes through the clockwork motor and drives the front wheels. The rear axle is free-wheeling.

The base plate is unpainted metal and is marked with "The, Chad Valley, Co Ltd" on three lines to the centre top, "Made in England" to the centre bottom, and "A Wee-Kin Toy (REGD)" on three lines behind, and parallel to, the rear axle. It also has a simple representation of the engine sump, drive shaft, rear differential, and rear axle. It is held in place with two spun rivets.

This model was between 1949 and 1953.

Item: 4559