Chad Valley Child's Cashbox Money Box

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This model is the Chad Valley #10016 Child's Cashbox Money Box in Black and Gold. The item is tinplate and has a locking mechanism and key.

The model has a two-piece, pressed metal body, 150mm in width, 88mm in depth and 58mm in height at is extremities. It has been shaped to accurately represent the full size cashboxes used in so many small businesses and homes at that time. At the front there is a key hole that leads to the simple locking mechanism (that any child worth its salt could easily pick). The lower sides are unadorned and plain black in colour. The top is decorated like the real cashbox with gold and red trim, a plain handle, held to the top by pressed metal tabs, a rear hinge arrangement and a slot to put the coins through in the area between the handle arms. Along the rear edge of the top is printed "Chad Valley, Made in England, No. 10016" in black lettering on a gold rectangular background.

I do not know exactly when this item was originally issued but believe it to be between 1945 and 1965.

Item: 2959