Castle Art Gaiety Toys - Single Seat Brooklands Racer (83.5mm)

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This model is the Castle Art Gaiety Toys Single Seat Brooklands Racer in a silver metal finish.

The model is a one-piece metal body, 83.5mm in length. It has been molded with representations of the grille and radiator cap at the front, 4 exhaust pipes on each side of the motor housing, a solid windscreen, cockpit with steering wheel and driver's head and shoulders and finally, at the rear, a petrol cap and what appears to be a numberplate on which is cast "G.B". There is no glazing. The original wheels are still on the model — one piece, solid metal wheels attached to metal axles. The driver appears to have been painted white originally.

There is no baseplate however the inside of the casting is marked with "Trade [Castle image] Mark" at the front under the bonnet, and at the rear, positioned directly above the rear axle, "A Castle Art Product." on the first line, "B-HAM." on the second line, "REG-" on the third line, and finally "Gaiety Toy." on the fourth line.

This model casting has been painted silver rather than polished as evidenced by the paint flaking off the lower surface of the body and the painted driver.

I do not know when this item was issued but believe it to be circa 1960s.

Item: 1787