CIJ 3/69/00 Renault Dauphinoise 300Kg (Norev Re-issue)

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This model is the CIJ 3/69 Renault Dauphinoise 300Kg in a Gendarmerie livery of blue. This is a Norev Re-issue Catalogue No. 3/69/00 from some time after 2000.

This model features a single piece body casting with tin base. The body casting incorporates the headlights, grille and bumpers, engine louvres, doors, handles, and body trim. The entire body is painted blue with the grille, bumpers and headlight lenses picked out in silver. The model has been embellished by the addition of insignia at the rear (presumed to represent the Gendarmerie) and by a wire roof aerial that is held int he lower position by a metal wire clip on the top, front of the bonnet.

There is no interior or glazing to the model. The wheel hubs are grey plastic, each with a separate black rubber tyre.

The baseplate is tinplate metal, painted black. It is marked with "CIJ" at the middel centre, "Renault" at the top centre, and "300 KGS" at the bottom centre. There is no country of origin marking.

This casting was first used in the 1950s and re-issued by Norev some time after 2000.

Item: 3153