Budgie #20 Plymouth Belvedere

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This model is the Budgie #20 Plymouth Belvedere in Pinky Cream.

This model has no opening parts and no glazing. All detail is molded into the body including a detailed grille and headlights picked out in silver, front bumper, bonnet, wheel arches, rear bumper and boot handle. The driver (minus head in this case), steering wheel and seats are all molded as part of the base. There is no glazing.

All wheels are unpainted metal on crimped axles.

The base plate is red painted metal and incorporates the interior seating, driver and steering wheel. It is marked with "No. 20" behind the front bumper, "Plymouth Belvedere" parallel to, and just behind, the front axle, and "Made in England" just behind the front seat indent. It is fixed to the body by two machined rivets.

Item: 2796