Brumm r104 Jaguar 3.5L (1948)

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This model is the Brumm r104 Jaguar 3.5L (1948) in Gold Bronze.

The model has no opening parts. At the front the headlights are clear inserts into the body molding while the grille, front and rear bumpers, exhaust tail lights and fuel cap are chromed plastic. Over the bonnet are two simulated leather straps in dark brown and a photo etched window frame and windscreen wipers is inset into the front window area. On both sides other photo etched window frames are in place, but the rear window is unadorned. On the roof is a fine chromed metal aerial. Both front and rear number plates [LWK 707] are done in white lettering over a black background. Above the rear number plate is a small black on white oval "GB". This model has clear glazing all round.

The interior consists of black seating, brown dashboard with silver dials, black plastic steering wheel and chromed, floor mounted gear stick.

All wheels are of the wire spoke hub type of the period with centre locking nut and separate Black tyres.

The baseplate is dark grey painted metal, printed upside down to most other models. At the top centre it reads #1/43 Brumm and at the centre bottom "Made in Italy". It carries a very rudimentary representation of the gearbox, drive shaft, differential and axles. It is fixed in place by two small self tapping screws.

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