Britains Lilliput Series Saloon Car

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This model is of the Britains Lilliput Series Saloon Car in cream.

There are no opening parts on this model. All features are cast into the metal of the model. The model had separate bumpers at some time in the past but now only has part of the front bumper left.

There is no "interior". There is no glazing.

All wheels appear to be one piece, grey plastic in the fashion of the hub-capped wheel of the era.

The base plate is unpainted on the lower side and shaped to represent the front wheel arches, running boards and rear wheels arches. It is not clear how the base plate is attached to the body casting. The base plate is marked "Britains" at the top centre and "England" at the centre bottom. It also carries a rudimentary representation of the gearbox, drive shaft and rear axle.

The scale is said to be 1:72.

Issue date is unknown.

Item: 1024