Brdr. Petersen Ford V8 Coupe

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This model is the Brdr. Petersen Ford V8 Coupe in worn metallic blue. See THIS PAGE for information on Brdr. Petersen.

The model has a single piece, cast metal body and a tin base, 120mm in length, 44mm wide, and 43mm high. It has been with accurate representations of the body lines, lights, grille, and bumpers, although the aspect ratio is wrong for the vehicle.

At the front, the grille, bumper, and head lights plate are part of the body casting. The bonnet carries body trim to represent the centre shapes, and bonnet outline, above which is framed the front, split windscreen. To the sides there are basic outlines of the doors, and the side windows. The rear carries a rear window, an outline of the boot (or possibly a "Dickie Seat"), rear lights are cast in to the rear wheel arches, with the rear bumper being part of the body casting also.

There is no interior or glazing on this model.

All of the original four wheels are present. They are single piece, cast hubs with "V8" hub cap pattern, mounted on steel axles. Each has a black rubber treaded tyre. It is not clear if the wheels are pressure attached to the steel axles that pass through the base, or whether the hub caps hold the hubs in place on the axles.

The base plate is a single piece, tin unit with rudimentary representations of the lower engine block, drive shaft, rear differential, and axles. It is held in place by two machined rivets. The base carries the manufacturer's mark "B.P." at the centre top, and has country of origin details pressed into the base which read "Denmark" on a single line, to the centre bottom.

I do not know exactly when this item was issued but believe it to be the late 1940s.

Item: 00951